Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX

Efficient communication services with no hidden charges or unnecessarily complex usage have now become a must for small and medium-sized businesses to gain a competitive advantage in today's worldwide market. Our VoIP solutions support the implementation of economical and modern communication capabilities that are entirely customised to your needs.
Other integrated services offered by CareTel's Cloud-hosted VoIP include call centres, conferencing, phone, video, fax, and mobile integration. Furthermore, all set-up and configuration are readily maintained via Web Portal, allowing businesses to effortlessly reach various clients globally. We not only assist in increasing business income, but we also assist in delivering more cost-effectiveness.
We give you control over the system and some of the features that we have in our custom PBX are:
  • It's cost-effective, and relaying calls through the Internet is far less expensive than utilising a traditional phone infrastructure.

  • Call forwarding, hold music, collaboration, and video conferencing are all included.

  • User-friendly interfaces and systems that do not require hours of training.

  • Reliable-hosted systems are maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • It's Convenient to answer calls from anywhere using a laptop or forwarding to a mobile phone.

  • Eco-friendly and by exchanging information online, you may save money on trips and reduce paper waste.